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2015-02-02 09:24 Publish

      Recently, the Boer Technology held multi-purpose hall in the factory in 2015 sales target annual conference, meeting mainly summarizes the production, management and sales company in the fourth quarter of last year, and to determine the priorities to 2015 sales and future planning. From sales and planning staff, e-commerce and other sectors related personnel staff totaling 50 people attended the meeting, general manager of the gold sector, the executive vice president of Huangpei Sen and other leaders attended the meeting.

      First Assembly, marketing staff, electricity providers who in turn spoke by every salesman were talking about their own marketing operations in the lessons and the difficulties and problems. We have suggestions and ideas expressed by asking questions to solve the problem, but only a question must have one or more solutions to the problem, really should be a sentence internationally famous enterprises employing standard culture Essentials: ask questions not resolved The problem is that fools, ask questions, solve problems is talent. Under this principle by asking questions, and solve the difficulties people in sales, the successful completion of the development plan of the overall goal for next year. Subsequently, Huang Youyi Zongduo company's identity, standing to supplement the company's most highly in terms of increased marketing strategy development concept, further optimized round on tactics, inspired full hands and cheering!

      Executive vice president of marketing personnel Huangpei Sen affirmed all efforts at work, and thanked everyone for their hard work, he noted that this year domestic and international economic situation is complicated, more intense competition in the market, but up and down but steady there are forward, the company will enhance the quality of management in the next production, improve the professional quality tire pressure monitoring quality management personnel to strengthen statistical analysis and the ability to control and guide all staff innovation, stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of employees to more good support enterprises frontline sales staff full sprint, and strive to be completed before the industry sales overall performance ranking 3. Let Boer old technology on a higher level in 2015, as well as in the industry next year to lay one of the most influential brands.

      Zhang Hua town in the General Assembly made a sales director sales concluding remarks, he first achieved hard-earned efforts we affirmed, he pointed out that as the first line marketers standing business to adapt to the current market. Said difficulties, blaming Heaven complain, to no avail, God never sympathize with the weak, we should learn from the example of the ways and means of sales success, a good application to become their wealth, in the form of large and medium market economy will make a difference.

Liao electricity supplier manager summed up the cliff network marketing speak, the advent of e-commerce, the rise of network operators era, leading to completely change the future of consumer behavior, network marketing is a business of compulsory courses: the rise of a large number of brands from the network is an indisputable fact that now, because the consumer behavior changes, network marketing has become an important part of business marketing system. Achieved victory in network sales, in addition to solving the basic core elements of the network outside :( first, wonderful rich content of the site; second website ranking in the search engines; and third, a good site to have a stable flow ) can not do with a stereotyped development, but to go in the forefront of the network to develop those things that others do not.

      In numerous speeches Assembly saw a passion for our business every employee, this "positive energy" Let us spread reflects the impressive development of an infinite, all up and down the man with the blood and the intentions of a few years efforts in exchange for everyone to work together gave us the best answer now! We firmly believe that success is not very far away from us, just getting closer and closer to us!

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