Why do you want to install TPMS

2015-02-02 09:33 Publish

 Tires are one of the most important parts of automobiles, it is directly related to the lives of the owners, we must make the correct judgment on their health or not, but the Boer tire pressure monitoring system is like the tires do ultrasound examination instrument, by monitoring the flow signal to diagnose properly, and always prompt owners to protect their broadcast traffic safety, blowout prevention, reducing the chance of accidents.

 1. on the highway

 When you are on the highway, elevated, State Road long-distance traffic, there is leakage, puncture how to do? Then you do not say to trigger a series of accidents and the cost of car trouble staying single is half way to find people to repair to bring you is imagined, and tire pressure monitoring Boer like to give you a vaccination, you can look at the relevant monitoring when starting value, and then decide whether to repair, so that 100% of traffic safety.
 2. The impact of tire pressure on the hub

 Women owners and novice driving on unfamiliar condition, lack of awareness of traffic safety, a large majority of people, often due to a flat tire also intermittent exercise, resulting in scrap tire or wheel severely damaged, the hair does not cost $ 300-500 tires etc., wheels need to send more than 700 yuan fee, not worth the candle, installed tire pressure monitoring condition can be effective in preventing damage to you and reduce losses.

 3. Tire tie tack serious danger

 Sudden tire rolling nail, causing a slow leak or emergency situations such as fast leak could endanger the safety of your life, encounter these things you are not ready time, the end result makes you unable to solve the problem, and with Pol tires pressure monitoring system to condition the data sent to you from time to time, you can have enough time to do troubleshooting, reduce sudden unexpected failure to bring you the trouble.
 4.The summer and winter frequent accidents

 Because of summer and winter, the temperature difference between the temperature changes, tire pressure will lead to huge changes instantly, especially prone to abnormal tire wear, tire will increase the chances of a tire pressure monitoring system installed these issues are not a problem.

 5. Check the tire pressure daily Misunderstanding

 Generally, we are observing with the naked eye and kicked a way to check the tires, but the reality is that the tire pressure is lower than the standard value of 50% will be significantly deformed shape, and low tire pressure, causing the air pressure change is instantaneous puncture biggest "murderers!" You can not see with the naked eye problems we help you deal with me!
 6. shorten the kill vehicle distance to save fuel

 Real-time monitoring of tire pressure, tire pressure to maintain stability and balance, can save fuel green energy, can effectively kill the car zoom from 100% safe and reliable, so that every time you are in the most healthy traffic situation.

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