New Year Blessing

2015-02-07 16:25 Publish

Distinguished leaders, distinguished customers, colleagues and the community colleagues friends:
       Hello everyone! Thank you very much for taking still have repeatedly come Boer Technology, on behalf of the Boer (Quanzhou) Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd., and in my own name, warm welcome and heartfelt thanks!
       2014, Boer Technology gone through an extraordinary year. We always adhere to the "everything for the customer, all for security" concept to the times of market development, meticulous customer service, won the majority of customer satisfaction and trust. Companies of all employees work together, help each other, company size and performance of sustained growth, through the efforts and hard work, we finally live up to expectations.
       2015 will be our challenge themselves, beyond the self-year, we will continue to innovate to meet the challenges and expanding business with the scale of the company, will be the main targets this year.
       New Year's bell is about to ring, deep thoughts that have been passed, hereby festive season, we are going to express a gratitude, a gratitude. We hope to use the most simple act of gratitude of our most valued customers, with a responsible attitude with you to create a better tomorrow! I hope the "Golden Goat" festival soon blessing can narrow the distance between us, you and I may now thousands of miles away, although far away, but you joy in my heart forever, so that everyone will be able to earn. In the coming days, we will continue to provide the best quality service to return Sincere heart of all of our customers long-term support and help.
Finally, once again extend my most sincere greetings!

       New Year's raise a glass bells, any wine mellow waves in the air, he was my gratitude to you slowly settling in the cup, deeply bless my friends, my leader, my clients, my colleagues colleague and community friends, I wish you a happy New Year and good luck, wealth billowing, safe life!


Employees are a valuable asset, staff development to maintain the company rise and fall of a happy family relations employee safety, and sincerely hope that each employee to work for the company at the same time, can focus on the family's well-being, to create a company brilliant tomorrow. Wishes for the new year every employee Chuaizhuo happy, warm hug, carrying happy, holding wealth, pulling auspicious, into Ram happy to spend every day!
Is an opportunity to join, rooting in the cooperation, friendship, deepen cooperation in advance, grow career in 2015 in cooperation; dreams soar in the cooperation. Wish the new year, we continue to make persistent efforts, win-win cooperation, create new brilliance!
Customer is our God, for your moment of glory bloom, applause rang for your success at this time last year you finally draw a satisfactory conclusion, the new year, and may God be with you, willing you have a bright future! Smooth sailing.
Glad to see your post, "boomed" delighted to see your salary "moon soaring," happy to see your popularity "waves surge" surprised to see your treatment "climbing", I wish you happiness "unlimited rise "just to the end of the year, Fortune Babel! After a storm!

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