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    Boer (Quanzhou) Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Quanzhou, China * * National University of Science and Technology Park, Quanzhou is the economic and cultural center of Fujian Province, one of the three major urban centers of Fujian, China's comprehensive reform pilot area of the private economy, economy total 15 consecutive years, ranking first in Fujian Province.

   Boer technology is a set of auto parts manufacturing, design, sales and service as one of the private high-tech enterprise manufacturer, mainly produces: Automobile tire pressure monitoring systems, automotive sensors, automotive active safety, engine optimization control / emissions and other ancillary field; the company has received a number of international certification system (automobile industry TS16949 quality management system certification, ISO9001 quality system certification, CE certification) and get with more than 20 new patent applications, which received a number of patents.

   Boer technology in terms of R & D and innovation in the domestic industry, achieved a leading position, the company under the leadership of general manager of the gold industry to establish a "culture dominated inside and outside cited supplement" talent, fully nurture tire pressure monitoring domestic first-class R & D expert research team; after that we will be fully "casting automotive safety" as the goal, and constantly enhance scientific and technological innovation, accelerate traffic safety services to the majority of owners who go further, every step in the security within the range.

Enterprise culture

Our Values

 Honesty ,pragmatism, cooperation, innovation

 Life principles: honesty and faith - true to its word, line must be fruit
 Work principles: Service and Industrial diligence neglected in play; line into the Si destroyed with
 Working principles: cooperation and work - work together, united
 Innovative principles: creating new reform and innovation, locked in
 Innovation has no limits, just think, everything is possible!

Slogan / brand appeal Brand Proposition-slogan:

      Security, insurance, "travel 0 risk"

 Ball positioning

 Our vision / long-term goals
     Belongs to China to build world-class high-tech enterprises. With five years to establish a comprehensive traffic safety systems, so that all the owners are maintained in a safe under the traffic. Built 10 years China's top 500 enterprises (sales in 10 billion yuan), with 20 years to 30 years to build the world's five hundred companies (sales of $ 20 billion / 1370 yuan billion yuan), to achieve traffic international security system, branding, systematic benefit of all mankind, for the revitalization of China's national high-tech industry can not wear off and make outstanding contributions to the real boost "made in China" successful transformation.

Our corporate purpose:

 Create space and platform for employees
 Create value for customers and delight
 Creating brand and glory for the nation
 Create hope and future for the owners


 Our corporate culture (team culture):

 The pursuit of excellence - to the boundless sea shore boat to do, I was extremely temporary mountain peak
 Collaborative Innovation - Collective is a source of strength, the crowd is the cradle of wisdom
 Equal inclusive - can only tolerating wide, thick can only loading - Virtuous
 Harmony together - afraid of high waves, I'm afraid paddle missing
 Talent, innovation, quality, attitude is our fundamental competitiveness.

BOER honor

  • New type of inductance type proximity sensor

    New type of inductance type proximity sensor

  • Tire pressure monitoring system CE certification

    Tire pressure monitoring system CE certification

  • Proximity switch CE certification

    Proximity switch CE certification

  • Business license

    Business license

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      Enterprise honor Exhibition

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