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What is TPMS?


     Tire Pressure Monitoring System (Tire Pressure Monitoring System, TPMS), is a wireless transmission technology, the use of a car tire fixed on high-sensitivity miniature wireless tire pressure sensing devices collecting at driving or stationary state, temperature and other data and the data is transferred to the cab of the host in the form of digitized data display tire pressure and temperature in real time, and when the tire is abnormal (prevent puncture) in the form of a beep or voice reminds motorists early warning automotive active safety systems. Thereby ensuring that the tire pressure and temperature is maintained within the standard range, reducing the probability play a puncture ruined tire, reduce fuel consumption and damage to vehicle components.




Why do we need TPMS?


 (1) prior security: tire pressure monitoring system can keep monitoring the tire pressure and temperature at the time of abnormal tire prompts the driver to make the appropriate measures to ensure that the vehicle driving safety.

 (2) to extend tire life: tire pressure every 10% lower than the standard barometric pressure, reduce tire life by 15%. Tire pressure monitoring system helps the tire pressure at standard atmospheric pressure state, thereby prolonging tire life.

 (3) reduce fuel consumption: when the tire pressure is 30% lower than the standard air pressure, fuel consumption will rise by 10%. If the tire pressure is too high, the grip will drop, fuel consumption will rise.

 (4) the protection of automotive parts: non-standard pneumatic tire with chassis and suspension system will cause engine wear. Each and uneven tire pressure can cause the brake deviation, increased suspension wear.


Investment Quotes


      China is now the world's largest and fastest growing car market, more and more advanced automotive technology, especially in safety-related performance and ancillary properties. However, tire pressure monitoring (TPMS) installation rate of less than 15%, but in the end the main assembly of the car, the majority of the market outlook. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued regulations, the new US factory TPMS light vehicle assembly rate in October 5, 2005 (the first stage), September 1, 2006 (the second stage) and 2007 September 1 recently, we must reach 20%, 70% and 100%, respectively. In addition to the United States is already legislation TPMS as standard with the car, but in November 2012 the EU will adopt a new bill, mandatory installation of tire pressure monitoring new vehicle platforms (TPMS), and meet all new cars were imported in 2014 TPMS system and reduce the chances of a temporary failure of the vehicle. Following the European Union, Japan, South Korea, were also planned in 2015 and 2016, the full implementation of the car TPMS installation rate of 100% of the required specification; In addition, China will also be in 2017 requires each vehicle shall be equipped with TPMS. Under the national policy to help push the estimated annual 50 million new cars will have to install tire pressure monitoring (TPMS), a large cake in this market will be a special opportunity for the win!

     China National Standard Committee TPMS standard project plan named "vehicle tire pressure monitoring system", in order to make the standard name concise, clear, on the advice of an expert working group drafting the standard, the name of this standard as "Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) "(hereinafter referred to as" TPMS standard "), item number 20067134-T-303. Nature of the project for the recommended national standard. Taking into account the product (TPMS) is an emerging technology, mainly start to encourage the application of advanced technologies for the purpose of developing the recommended national standard, to be more mature technologies and products, consider developing a research TPMS mandatory the feasibility of national standards to improve vehicle safety. Most industry insiders have said that the development trend of demand from abroad and the domestic market TPMS analytical point of view, China's TPMS standard if promulgated, will undoubtedly have a great deal of market incentives. TPMS will become standard car in the future. Faced with increased demand for TPMS, the next few years China will become the production and use of TPMS country.
     According to statistics, traffic accidents on highways in China, 70% are caused due to a puncture, while in the US the proportion is as high as 80%. How to prevent puncture has become an important topic of safe driving. TPMS tire problem to solve a clear direction, and is considered one of the industry's most high-tech car may be popular. TPMS market is also considered safe class Chinese automotive electronics market, the most potential market, with the national laws and regulations of the introduction of the mandatory installation of TPMS will become a necessity, not a dispensable product, which will directly lead to the entire the rapid development of the market.

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 Boer has advanced technology R & D team and strict service system and good cooperation mechanisms to protect the domestic distribution agents at all levels dealer's business interests, Wanted regional distributors in the provinces, cities, counties, co-development of domestic market.

 One. Join conditions:

 1. independent legal or natural person with a certain financial strength and management ability, qualified legitimate business, there is a good business or related history and experience of practitioners.
 2. With a strong brand awareness and management capabilities. Applicants will have to recognize the quality of our products and business philosophy, has a good sense of service, the company is willing to brand development efforts.
 3. have a certain team organization and management, brand management and market awareness services.
 4. have a certain understanding of the local market and operational capacity.

Second joining process:

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Marketing policy

  A leading technology concepts

 Over the years, Pol attaches great importance to technological innovation and product development, adhere to the "development of this generation, production generation, sales generation" development philosophy has always maintained industry leading technology position; Currently, the company has a powerful R & D team; Dr. 5, 10 master's degree, 35 undergraduate research and development team, has made 20 national patents, which received a number of patents.

 Second, advanced market management concepts

 Innovative business services model, the top-level design step, super large training system, not only to reduce the investment risk franchisees, but also bring a reliable guarantee for sustainable development.


Third, the quality advantage

 The company in a strong technical team innovative products are all taken down only independent research and development, independent production, independent patent, and through TS16949, ce, utility model patents and other certifications. Quality in the industry has maintained a leading position.


boer Six Advantages

 Fourth, the price advantage

 Because our products are all independent research and development and production, in terms of cost than counterparts with a very distinct advantage, the current pricing of all products in the median level, in terms of price to maintain a strong competitive edge.

 Fifth, the product series advantage


 We concentrate on, professional, focused in auto parts research in tire pressure monitoring in addition to continue to develop new innovations, but also to gradually establish a sound product architecture, we will launch a series of automobile tire pressure monitoring products: voice broadcast, color display monitor, solar, DVD video overlay style, large car-specific, such as voice + color series of personalized products, so that the agent has the unique advantage of differences in operation.


 Six, market advantage


 Tire pressure monitoring system is different from other generic products, the breadth of the market beyond the market demand for most products, China now has 200 million cars. Installed, not more than 15%, the market is a virgin, all the way until you develop

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Join the advantage

The next success is to seize the opportunity for you!


All cars

◆ Boer Technology is taking a foothold in the market for scarce resources featuring bright road of development, according to market scarcity "from scratch" to meet the needs of the market-related, tire pressure monitoring system is currently in China only "few" of a few two manufacturers will produce, and the Boer is one of them.

◆ marketing goal is to lock the high-end crowd, our consumer groups is the owner, a car people do not care about a few hundred dollars, the pricing of our products is not a problem to face, the face of the spending power is not a problem. Easy battle to market, low investment risk, big return, unique selling point, high profit margins, but with flourishes not a dream!

◆ propaganda media:

 Companies with new technology, new media, new marketing model for mass propaganda fulcrum - led the country overall market development, Internet marketing is an integral part of the corporate marketing strategy, we will be based on the new media: Baidu, Taobao, Jingdong, car forums, micro letter and other Internet marketing tools, combining online and offline under development led to the development of each of the regions, based on the ultimate combination of highly targeted local media to build brand communication system to promote the brand on the rise.

 ◆ Promotion:

 The company will focus on and actively involved in all kinds of big events, big events, all-round, three-dimensional brand, expand awareness, enhance reputation, drive product sales increase.

 ◆ Training Support:

 Send consultants to help and guide the development of the franchisee of the market, providing customers with a full range of marketing services, will also provide training support for the franchisee, the franchisee improve management and marketing capabilities.

 ◆ price positioning:

 The company implemented a unified national system of stable and reasonable price difference space to ensure the normal interests of franchisees, and to strictly abide by the market regulations and achieve sales goals, the company will give franchisees a certain amount of reward.

 ◆ Service:

 Boer Technology; implement lifetime warranty, one year free warranty, one year after the appropriate fee warranty (parts TM) to solve customer lifetime maintenance, do not worry.

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